What's New

  • "THE CAMPUS" is now on Amazon, iTunes and Vudu!  Watch me as the leading role of Morgan in the horror feature film "The Campus" on these VOD platforms. Overall the reviews have been positive, and The Hollywood Reporter loved my work in the film! Watch the trailer and stay up to date on all the news by heading to the Facebook page.
  • THE AFTER PARTY "The Twilight Zone" meets "The Shining," I produced and starred in this film which just premiered at the Chattanooga Film Festival. Audiences loved the dramatic thriller, written and directed by Colin Costello. The film was shot in a film noir style and is currently on the festival circuit. Check out all the latest news on the Facebook Page!
  • HEART of the HOME  Another role in the books, I just played the role of Madison in this new horror feature film! Directed by David Palmieri, "Heart of the Home" looks at what happens when a someone turns out to be a very bad roommate, haha. Find out more about my recent credits on my IMDb.
  • MONTHLY SCREENWRITERS WORKSHOP  Blueberry Hill Media and Gas Money Pictures are partnering together to host a monthly writers workshop! I'm excited to create a great indie screenwriting community, and to hold myself accountable for writing.