I'm here to tell stories about amazingly capable and flawed women.


  • "Rachel is an uncommon talent! I've had the pleasure to work with her on 3 projects so far. She has an uncanny and beautiful ability to engage an audience with just her eyes. I'm excited to work with her again!" Award-Winning Director Gene Blalock, Seraph Films, L.L.C.
  • "So did Rachel carry "The Campus"? Absolutely. Not only was she super cool, she gave a 100 percent honest performance, layered and nuanced. She took direction well, and always was willing to go that extra take and push herself just a little further. A wonderful combination of classic beauty, dramatic skill and comedic timing, Rachel is one on the finest actors anyone could ask for." Director/Writer/Editor J. Horton, Gas Money Pictures
  • "From the first time I auditioned Rachel, I knew I wanted to work with her! I love her commitment and her preperation, because working with her is always very easy. She understands the actor's role in the art of storytelling so well! She is so captivating whenever she is onscreen, and that's why I'm excited to work with her again and again in the future." Award-Winning Producer/Director David Rodriguez, The Following Productions
  • "I loved working with Rachel! She was so natural on camera, instantly taking on the circumstances of her character. I can't wait to cast her in one of my next projects because I love her ability to tell a story through improvisation and connection with her scene partner." Award-Winning Director/Writer Clinton Cornwell
  • "I LOVE working with Rachel. She’s always up to try different things on set, and I can count on her and her commitment. I’ve already worked on three projects with her in the last year, and I can’t wait to work with her again!" Award-Winning Director/Producer Colin Lawrence, New Wave Entertainment



" actress the caliber of Bryant, whose work here really elevates the film ["The Campus"] as she is able to pull off the incredible weirdness of the story in a way that feels remarkably normal. 



"Rachel Amanda Bryant brings full dimension to her character by layering her performance with wonderful choices

[...] and never misses a beat."



"Rachel Amanda Bryant adds a spark."



"played with passion by Rachel Amanda Bryant."



"Bryant does an excellant job."

"Bryant is a joy to watch."



"Bryant is very likeable."